Smarty Pants Tutoring is a personalized one-on-one private tutoring for students aged between 4 years and 8th grade. we ease complex concepts by breaking them down into simple steps for a better understanding. We’re here to help fuel your child’s love for learning. Our tutors offer activity-based learning for subjects including Reading, writing and math and are experts in their field. They are highly qualified and trained to deliver exceptional tutoring to their students.
At Smarty Pants Tutoring, you can rely on our tutors who help students achieve their academic goals. Some students come to us because they are struggling while other come for enrichment. We go the extra mile to help our students learn and always strengthen them with academic support. We adopt practical teaching methods and use props to illustrate difficult concepts while making it a fun learning process for our students.


Smarty Pants Tutoring is a personalized, student-focused centre that meets the needs of learners. Our tutoring style is both hands-on and super-interactive, ensuring our students don’t get bored with their studies. Instead, we make learning a fun and exciting experience through interactive sessions.
We cater to students of different age groups. From a 4-year-old student in elementary school through students up to eighth grade, each student receives individual, personalized attention while we make their learning process fun.


Personalized Attention

Students will receive individual attention which will be a unique learning experience for them. Our tutors fully understand each student’s strengths/weaknesses and will design a plan that suits each individual student’s needs.

Improves Children's Attitude towards Learning

Through effective one-on-one tutoring, your child’s attitude towards education, school and learning will improve. This positive shift in mindset will provide growth and room for more learning.

Improved Academic Performance

With the tutors’ right guidance, students can excel in their academics, which will enhance their overall growth.

Boost of Confidence

Your child’s confidence level and self-esteem will be considerably boosted with Smarty Pants Tutoring one-on-one tutoring.

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