Study Guide
Study SMARTER, not harder. By developing excellent study skills and learning strategies, you can increase your confidence, self esteem, competence and also reduce stress.

Time Management

  1. Make a weekly or daily to-do list
  2. Use an agenda daily
  3. Get up early each morning to get things completed
  4. Schedule time for yourself
  5. Read your class syllabus and make a game plan. Add dates to your agenda
  6. Prioritize and schedule your assignments and test studying
  7. Set aside time each day
  8. Have a space where your studying takes place
  9. Create a study group or join a group of others
  1. Note-Taking
  2. Write your professor board notes
  3. Paraphrase your professor’s words / notes
  4. Review your notes every day
  5. Create your own abbreviations
  6. Jot down any ideas that your teacher repeats
  7. Notice verbal cues your teacher says such as “This is important”
  8. Highlight your book/class materials (if allowed)
  9. Write down examples


  1. Read the text more than once
  2. Highlight and take written notes
  3. Make margin notes
  4. Don’t put off your reading until it is due in class!
  5. Review the text after reading
  6. Don’t read prior to going to bed, and don’t read in bed
  7. Read and understand captions and figures
  8. Create a glossary of terms and if you don’t understand a word, look it up in the dictionary
  9. Pace yourself
  10. Pay extra attention to key concepts and end of chapter summaries
  11. Review the notes from your readings on a regular basis to keep them fresh in your mind

Test Preparation

  1. Create your own flashcards using index cards
  2. Rewrite / re-read your notes; reorganize into categories
  3. Get help if you need it and ask questions about anything you are unsure.
  4. Don’t cram for your test
  5. Know the test format ahead of time ie. essay questions, multiple choice, true and false, short answer
  6. Review out loud so you can hear yourself
  7. Learn by doing. Create practice test questions based on old exams, or create and answer your own test questions