Test Strategies
Updated: Jul 8, 2019
  • Be sure you’ve studied properly.
  • Get a good night sleep and eat a good breakfast in the morning.
  • Arrive early for your test and stay relaxed.
  • Read / listen to the instructions carefully. If you do not understand the instructions, ask for assistance.
  • Plan your time wisely and pace yourself.
  • Read all the questions and all the answer choices prior to marking your answer.
  • Answer the easy questions first.
  • Your first answer is usually the correct one. Don’t change your answer unless you are certain it is incorrect.
  • Make the most intelligent answer you can. Don’t leave anything blank.
  • Bring along the correct supplies that are required for your test ie. calculator, #2 pencil, eraser.

Essay or Grammar Questions

  • Ensure you are answering the question that was asked.
  • If the test requires you to read a passage and answer questions, read the questions first. By doing this you will know what you are looking for when you read the passage.
  • Read the essay question carefully. Watch for key words such as discuss, compare,
  • define, etc.
  • Always use proper grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Write in complete
  • sentences and begin your essay with the wording from the question.
  • Proofread your essay and make any corrections.

Multiply Choice Questions

  • Eliminate the answers that you know are incorrect first.
  • Locate key words or phrases in a question that may help you choose the correct answer.
  • Watch for key words such as usually, none, always ,never except, all of the following, the best, the least, etc.

Math Questions

  • Ensure that you wrote the question correctly.
  • Use pencil so you can make corrections neatly.
  • Pay attention to math signs (ie. +, x).
  • Show all of your work.
  • Put a box around your answer to make it visible.